What is the DirecNet?

The DirecNet is a new and exciting communication platform, spreading quickly across the Springfield Metro Area.

Where is it?

DirecNet displays are in iconic, high traffic host venues where people congregate. View a list of locations.

Why does it work?

DirecNet displays are designed to be engaging and interesting. Entertaining and informative content holds the audience’s attention, and your message can’t be missed! (nor fast-forwarded through!)

Who’s using it?

Dozens of local businesses, large and small, are becoming famous using the DirecNet. We’ve leveled the playing field by giving small businesses access to high-def video advertising at an unbeatable price! See who’s using the DirecNet.

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Who’s seeing it?

DirecNet host locations are carefully chosen and must provide at least 100 viewers per day. The network currently reaches over 300,000 captive and engaged viewers per month.

Sounds great… What does it cost?

It costs less than $2 a day to play your video or graphic message on a DirecNet display. Full network, network rotator, college specific, and healthcare specific packages are available that reduce the display cost to less than 80 cents per day. Discounts for annual or semiannual contracts reduce the cost even more!

A DirecNet consultant will design a campaign that aligns with your business and marketing plans, and your budget.

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What about my competition?

Secure your place on the DirecNet first! In order to keep the network content balanced, we only allow three businesses from any industry or business segment to advertise with us.

Want to own your industry? Your DirecNet consultant can discuss arrangements for your exclusivity on all or part of the network.