Glossary of Network Terms

Average Unit Audience: The vehicle traffic count that was noticed by the viewer for a unit of time equal to the ad unit.

Awareness: knowledge or understanding of the out-of-home network, the programming, or the advertising contained within.

Captive: An audience confined to an area in which consumers have a strong likelihood of being exposed to the messaging.

Coverage Area: Geographic area covered by network installations.

CPM: (Cost per thousand) the cost to generate 1,000 impressions

Digital Advertising Networks: Digital networks integrating targeted entertainment and/or info program content with advertising narrowcast through digital networks and/or screens in place based venues such as big box and small retail, transit, malls, grocery, health clubs, medical offices, gas stations, office buildings, hotels and other out of home consumer venues.

Dwell Time: The amt of time a viewer is in a vehicle zone, the # of seconds the viewer is in a location from which the vehicle is visible and, if appropriate, audible.

Frequency: The average number of times a person is exposed to a message, program or network within a given period of time, often 1 or 4 weeks.

Gross Impressions: The sum of exposures to a schedule of out-of-home video network announcements.

GRP’s: (Gross Rating Points) The total number of rating points achieved for a particular period of time or schedule of advertisements.

Makegood: Refers to an advertisement that did not run as originally scheduled with the intent to fulfill the original order/contract.

Narrowcast: Program content designed to reach a specific group defined by a particular demographic.

OVAB: the media trade association that is a resource for information on out-of-home video advertising, standards and metrics.

Presence: The most basic qualification for vehicle audience exposure. Being in a location where the screen is visible and where applicable, audible.

Reach: The net number of people exposed to the out-of-home video network during a given time period, often 1 or 4 weeks.

Vehicle Traffic: the number of visits, over a period of time, with presence in the vehicle zone.

Vehicle Zone: The physical area in which a person is able to see and/or hear a specific placed-based advertising vehicle.

Venue: The place and location of the video advertising network and screens.

Digital Media Highlight

Digital Media Highlight