Digital Advertising Rates

Your ad will be seen every 6 minutes on the screens of your choice.

  • Minimum agreement of 12 months.
  • Month to Month is available for $10 more per month for each package.
  • Update your advertising by joining the digital age.
  • You pick the network location you desire within our network.
  • DirecNet is the future; it creates an impact, is eye catching and filled with content rich media.
  • 12 month agreement with ongoing month to month renewal.
  • Move away from print advertisement TODAY

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Package RetaiL Network Medical Network University Network Full network
MSRP* $175/mo $475/mo $400/mo $1000/mo
Screens 5 13 11 29
Cost Per Day $1.17 Per Screen $1.22 Per Screen $1.21 Per Screen $1.15 Per Screen
Cost Per Ad Run Less than 2¢ Less than 3¢ Less than 3¢ Less than 2¢
Ad Runs Per Month 12,600 19,800 19,800 52,200